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Natural Furs International employs a team of experienced craftspeople, among the very best in the trade. Directed by in-house fur designer, Robert Beaupré, their expert hands craft exquisite pieces with the attention to detail that luxury materials like fur require. As experts who have long mastered traditional fur working techniques, their unique expertise also allows them to excel in applying the latest methods and innovative techniques.


From beaver to raccoon, to foxes and Canadian lynx, Natural Furs specializes in the crafting of Canadian wild furs. But mink, chinchilla, Astrakhan and other farmed furs, and highly luxurious ones like Canadian marten and Russian sable, are just as beautifully transformed by their master furriers into real works of wearable art.

From sleek street-chic to sublime sophistication, your fur options are off the Richter scale. You can choose anything from fur's natural shades or classic tones to vibrant traffic-stopping color. The right fur can personalize your wardrobe and unleash your femme fatale. Today's fur isn't shy;  it knows where it's going. Wear your fur whenever you like. Make your own rules! And a great place to start looking for information is right here… 

Restyling is responsible

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Restyle, Revamp, Renew

The in-house designers at Natural Furs are real experts at revitalizing vintage furs into spiffy contemporary styles. A just-inherited heirloom? A trendy piece from three seasons past? They can transform your "forgotten" fur into a fashionable and eco-logical statement.

6 tips on buying furA handy glossary

Check to see that pelts are lustrous, supple and well matched.


Feel the fur carefully. There should be a dense, soft underfur that is evident to the touch, under the glossy guard hair, which should also be soft - never bristly.


Seams should be sewn tightly. Hems should fall straight.


Be sure to try the garment on to see if the weight is comfortable for you. You may be surprised at how lightweight many furs actually are.


When you try on a well-made fur, it should be balanced, falling evenly and comfortably from your shoulders.


There should be "give" to the leather side of the fur when horizontal tension is applied.